Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Eight reasons why Ubuntu is the Linux poster child

Eight reasons why Ubuntu is the Linux poster child

A little plagerism but the guy has it

Eight reasons why Ubuntu is the Linux poster child

1) Its large user base. Because Ubuntu is so popular, it becomes even more popular. This viral marketing was the same thing that made YouTube successful.

2) Hardware support. One of the most common complaints among new Linux users is that their new hardware is not supported by any Linux distribution. Well, with Ubuntu, hardware support is added within days of the hardware coming out.

3) Its ease of use. Lets face it, you can't make a mainstream distribution without ease of use. If you tell a Linux beginner that they will have to type out all their commands into a console, they will have a Windows CD in their disk drive faster then you can say "Open Source".

4) With each new Ubuntu release that comes out, it becomes easier and easier to install. This helps beginners that would normally be frustrated when a cryptic installation error occurs.

5) Its package manager. The package manager in Ubuntu makes finding free Open Source software so easy that even your grandmother could do it. Not only will the package manager download the package for you, but it will also install it for you.

6) Its community. The Ubuntu community is always there to help beginners with any problems that they might encounter on their first Linux experience.

7) The developer support. Ubuntu has shown that support from Open source developers is necessary in order to create a popular and useful, product.

8) Partly because of the package manager, Ubuntu has great media support. From video to music, Ubuntu comes pre-loaded with all the programs you need to watch and listen to your media.

If you don't yet have Ubuntu, you can download it here.

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