Saturday, March 31, 2007

Starfield Everything Is Beautiful

So I have been hearing this song on the radio and like most songs I recognize the tune and continue with the thousand and one thoughts in my head, well a week ago god said listen and the words hit me. It seems to be a theme god is reciting. The sermon in church the last few weeks has been on the journey to the cross and there was reflection on Jesus in the garden speaking to god and saying your will be done. The message I think god is sending is I have a plan trust me I am god. So my struggle and prayers have been to give me the power to truly let go and say God no matter what happens or is happening it is your will glory be to you.


Worn out, wasted
Like a bird with broken wings
Sometimes grace reminds me
I don't get to be the king

But love it washes over
Love it pulls me closer
Love it changes everything

Everything is beautiful
Even when the tears are falling
I don't need a miracle to believe
Even in the crashing down
I can hear redemtion calling

And everything is beautiful to me

Sweetly, You release me
From the weight of what I've done
The trigger trips the hammer
But the bullets never come

And love like a landslide
Like the wind
Spins around me pulls me in
At it's unveiling, I begin

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