Sunday, December 30, 2007

New Todd Agnew Song That Really Touched Me

Pretty blue eyes and curly brown hair and a clear complexion
Is how you see Him as He dies for Your sins
But the Word says He was battered and scarred
Or did you miss that part
Sometimes I doubt we'd recognize Him

Cause my Jesus bled and died
He spent His time with thieves and the least of these
He loved the poor and accosted the comfortable
So which one do you want to be?

Cause my Jesus would never be accepted in my church
The blood and dirt on His feet would stain the carpet
But He reaches for the hurting and despised the proud
I think He'd prefer Beale St. to the stained glass crowd
And I know that He can hear me if I cry out loud

I want to be like my Jesus!
I want to be like my Jesus!

Friday, December 28, 2007

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Dell Vostro 1000 brightness keys

I have posted this as a bug fix in ubuntu... if you have a vostro 1000 and ubuntu here is a solution for the brightness keys...

OK so there are two scripts called by the brightness keys which hit acpi_fakekey (doesn't work)
Below are a couple quick and dirty replacements that work on dell vostro 1000

these replace :

Backup any originals

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Support Our Troops

You dont think this war is for you and you think its all about oil well your half right, it is about you and oil so support our troops or WALK EVERYWHERE. NO CARS BOATS FLIGHTS WITHOUT OIL SO GET OVER YOURSELF AND SUPPORT THE TROOPS

Check out this video: Remember Me


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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Global Warming myth

A friend named chris asked my stance on global warming......

Let's say I believe the global warming myth, the government is the wrong group to fix it. Check it out everywhere the President goes he rides in a motorcade of 12 armoured suburban that get like 2 gallons to the mile so if he tells me to go green I am going to say suck it. I think the oil companies are actually leading the movement. Most people don't care about the environment, however they do care about there wallets. The oil companies jacking fuel up to $5.00 a gallon will inspire way more alternative fuel vehicle purchases than any figure head. Al gore travels preaching impending doom dude travels 5 days a week on a private jet think he could save the ozone by staying home and shutting up. I think we need a curve in the way we do energy but it wont come from a government and no one thing will fix it. Frankly the Iraq war is about oil because no oil no country and until oil is more expensive than gold I don't see the wars ending because we need the oil and need to keep those who threaten it at bay. Maybe by 2016 oil wont be an issue but according to some nuts we will all be dead by then anyhow...

Mexican Martin Luther King

So today a gentleman named Raza is leading a civil rights march for Mexicans. Do Mexicans deserve American rights? I am not talking about Hispanics or people who were born here or went through proper channels to get here those are Americans, Americans all have the same rights but those rights are for those who are legal to be here. If you are here without proper entry or on an expired visa you don't get rights. If you are Mexican, Haitian, French, Cuban, German WHATEVER you get the rights afforded to you in your country not here. This Raza guy thinks he is a Martin Luther King of sorts. Seriously is that the path to citizenship you want? The Civil rights marches of the past which gave blacks the rights they have now were for rights they deserve because they were American. They had a rough road and their ancestors didn't necessarily want to come to this country but through Slavery they definitely earned their place. Ok so we can use that as a path to citizenship. Lets hunt down some slave accounts, these of course wont be 100% accurate as literacy was discouraged among slaves. So we shall find the worst accounts and double their severity for accuracy. You want in your family can endure that path for a few hundred years then you can march. There is a path,If you think its broken fix it but don't bypass it. Some general rules learn basic civics, speak English. I would imagine this is appropriate for all countries. If I wanted to be a German citizen I should probably speak German regardless of the fact most of them speak English. A good chunk of the world speaks some form of English as a second language but you should be able to speak the native language of the land you live in.

There is no racism, no racial profiling. Your American or your not. Your legal or your not. I think that police should ask everyone red yellow black or white if they belong here. I also think if you stand out on a public right of way with a sign that says "I am Illegal" that is probable cause for the police to stop and have a chat. I think there should be two paths to citizenship.

1. Serve in the military for 2 years and learn the above mentioned basics.
2. If those in the front of the line trying to do it the right way wish they can be bumped up to come in and do the jobs that are opening up by removing the illegals. I am for swapping. Lets kick out 300,000 at a shot and let 300,000 in from the legal route.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

You can have earth

Just came across google mars. I cant seem to find driving directions...

Candidate Match Game

So I took the quiz at and above is the results according to them...

James for president 2016

My Personal stances and explanation where needed

Iraq War:For
Yes we had to get rid of sadam, no there was no wmd's, yes it is about oil and if you wanna see our economy crash remove oil from it. Weather you like it or not in America oil makes the world go round. This may not be the case in the future but it is now so suck it up we need oil or nothing happens.

Abortion: Against
Once the heart starts stopping another human stopping it is murder. Abortion is not a valid method of birth control.

ACLU: Against

Affirmative Action: Against

Walmart: For

Gay Marriage: For
Divorce rates are un-real and marriage is a government institution. I think if a church wants to say no to gay marriage I support that. But in a world where people get married for taxes, citizenship and other legal reasons, and in a country where the government can say yay or nay on a marriage it is no longer a religious institution. There are two parts of marriage the legal and the church. I think if the church wants to say nay fine but the legal half should be ok.

Gun Laws: Against
Laws only keep honest people honest. Gun laws prevent law abiding citizens from having guns, criminals don't care. In a world where only the bad guys have guns is a bad world.

Holocaust: Happened

Cuba: Get Over it
If we can trade with Iran and China we can trade with Cuba, the cold war is over get over it.

UN: Against

PETA: Against

Education: For
I think if we ripped the money away from the war on drugs and dumped it in to education we wouldn't need a war on drugs.

Guantanimo Bay: For

Flat Tax: For

Universal Health Care: For

Illegals: Against.
I think we need to do two things. Make the correct path easier and deny citizenship to those who bypass it. We also need to help Mexico improve from being a 3rd world nation this would prevent the flood in the first place.

AIDS: Mixed
Again if money was spent on education in general this wouldn't be as big of a problem. I think we need to force the hands of drug companies to truly work on a cure. There is no money in a cure but there is billions in research and treatment. I wonder how many cures have been buried to allow this cash cow to remain.

Stem Cell Research: Mixed
Back to the abortion topic if a heart starts and a human stops it it is murder. If however the progression doesn't reach that point (not by preventing it) then its OK. If they can get stem cells prior to that point what is the difference between a guy releasing in to a sock and that.. A Monty Python skit comes to mind..

I am sure there is more feel free to ask...

Kill your wife, unless shes a dog

SO let me get this straight OJ Simpson makes his wife in to a life size pez dispenser and gets off where Michael Vick lets 2 dogs do what they kinda naturally do and he gets 20 months? WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS? It seams the only thing worse then letting dogs fight is the possession of marijuana. Lets break this down:
Murder X 2 = 0 jail time
Dog Fights = 20 Months
Marijuana = 5 Years

Our legal system rocks....

The system doesnt work as designed

The system doesn't work because the system has been thrown off the train. We should dismantle the congress and senate and do away with the governor and president. Not only would this stream line the process to the way it currently works , it would also save the government a ton of money. With this employer sanction law and many other immigration centric laws in the past and with issues on other topics this is the flow: Senate/Congress pass law, stickey laws are left to the people, the people vote to approve often in a resounding majority, law is passed and slated to go in to affect, groups who lost the vote take the law to court and it is done away with by a judge. So lets save a few steps. We fill a small room with guys who create laws and then pass them to a judge to approve or deny. No people as there opinions don't matter. No Governor/President no red tape just the two steps all laws seem to need. Creation, Judges decision. Just because there ase 10 million illegals here doesn't make it ok to be an illegal. There are millions of murders in our country too, do we say screw it there going to happen anyway and make it legal?

Monday, December 10, 2007

Gun Control:2

Ok so last night some other idiot decided to go shooting up churches in Colorado. This time the idiot was stopped and has proven my point made in the prior post. This idiot killed like 4 people at one church and 12 hours later tried again this time an armed guard took him down before he killed again. Now he managed to injure a few people but without that guard putting this idiot down the death toll could have matched or exceeded the mall shooting. They tried to pass a law a while back that said if you prevent someone from carrying a weapon in your establishment (the mall shooting was in an open carry state) then you are responsible for the people. The mall had a sign that said no concealed weapons. They made a decision that caused 8 people their lives. Criminals and idiots dont follow signs, laws or any other rules so basically that sign was an open invitation to criminals to make that happen. I hope the malls management is taken to court and the families sue the piss out of them. I further hope they win and create a president so when some establishment says folks cant defend them selves we will be held responsible when they are killed.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Illegals and Arizonas sanction laws

Come January 1st any employer in Arizona caught with an illegal on their payroll will get heavy fines so companies are making sure that all there employees have all their paperwork in order. This has caused financial impact to many businesses in Arizona. My opinion is you soiled your bed now lay in it. I am a bit mixed. On one hand I say round em up and ship em out on the other hand I am not so sure it is a good idea to create criminals until that happens. You have a group of people who no matter what anyone says have a complete disregard for law and process. You can say they are good people and that may be true. There are allot of good people who are in jail and guilty. They bypassed the legal way to do things. they disregard the law and enter this country illegally. I will not go as far as some and say they are stealing American jobs they do feel a need, Dont believe me? go pick lettuce for minimum wage (no you wouldn't). 2 years ago my car was broken in to by an illegal. They caught him processed him and released him. He did not come to court, the judge ordered restitution and issued a warrant. They caught him again and released him I am out $900 and don't plan on ever seeing it. I think we need to do something to ship the population of illegals out and start with the riff raff who are out breaking in to cars and stealing or any other crime. If you re illegal and break another law poof right out. My issue with the sanctions law is that the illegals who are working are now unemployed and will have to make money another way and what better way than crime. So we need to fix the first epidemic without creating a new one. At the same time I do not have sympathy for all these business owners who are going under because of the law. If you build your house in a forest and lose it in a forest fire you asked for it, If you live in a flood plane or river bed and your house washes away you asked for it. If you live near any large body of water and sit below sea level and your house is destroyed by a flood you asked for it. In you live in tornado alley and your 5th trailer gets destroyed by a tornado (seriously your house is on wheels move) you asked for it. This is the same as these business owners. You built your business on something that contains the word illegal you asked for it. You cant complain when your business is built around the exploitation of illegals. On top of this if you are a business owner who is only willing to follow the law under threat of fine than I don't want to do business with you anyway. I think I will start a list every time I hear a business owner whine I will boycott them. If your business is worth it you will pay a few bucks more and be ok.

Friday, December 7, 2007


This alone should be proof that news networks are biased. NBC will not air a support our troops ad so we need to post it everywhere and tell NBC to stick it

whats wrong with america

You may quote me :)

America is based on elections that are controlled a majority who's political views can fit on a bumper sticker.

More people will vote this year then in past years not because the candidates are better, the GOP and democrats have nothing to offer, this is like the 12th season of American Idol all the talent has dried up so this is what's left. More people will vote for 1 reason to see or stop a first.

The two top democrats are a woman and a black guy. People will turn out in record numbers to see the first black or female president or to prevent it. These people aren't voting for or against the candidates views, they probably have no idea that Obama is really white with make-up or that Hillary is a closer Republican just that they think one is black and one is female(also debatable).

So go out rock the vote and read dammit, know what your voting for. Sadly I usually lean conservative but will likely vote for Obama as the only thing he has lied about is being black.

Well we will see how the primaries go as I am against political parties (another rant later) I am an independent(not the party however that works) I tried to register as an American but apparently that's not OK.... regardless I cant vote in the primaries only real elections....

Gun Control

So some idiot shot up a mall so it is only a matter of time before the gun control idiots pop out and start their crap.

I say 8 people are dead because of gun control.

Let us start by saying this guy didn't legally obtain his gun so no gun control law past, present, or future would have prevented this.

Less gun control could have prevented this. Imagine if half the people in that mall were armed. Sure he could have taken out one or two people but then an armed citizen could have taken him down prior to 8 people. This guy was a lousy shot and spent 20+ rounds to get 8 and had to save one for him self. so potentially a trained armed citizen could have taken him out before he got anyone. Then if he survived we could have made him answer and live his horrible life in a white jacket.. I think every person should be armed and trained when the good guys have more guns than the bad guys the bad guys will think twice.