Friday, December 7, 2007

Gun Control

So some idiot shot up a mall so it is only a matter of time before the gun control idiots pop out and start their crap.

I say 8 people are dead because of gun control.

Let us start by saying this guy didn't legally obtain his gun so no gun control law past, present, or future would have prevented this.

Less gun control could have prevented this. Imagine if half the people in that mall were armed. Sure he could have taken out one or two people but then an armed citizen could have taken him down prior to 8 people. This guy was a lousy shot and spent 20+ rounds to get 8 and had to save one for him self. so potentially a trained armed citizen could have taken him out before he got anyone. Then if he survived we could have made him answer and live his horrible life in a white jacket.. I think every person should be armed and trained when the good guys have more guns than the bad guys the bad guys will think twice.

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