Monday, December 10, 2007

Gun Control:2

Ok so last night some other idiot decided to go shooting up churches in Colorado. This time the idiot was stopped and has proven my point made in the prior post. This idiot killed like 4 people at one church and 12 hours later tried again this time an armed guard took him down before he killed again. Now he managed to injure a few people but without that guard putting this idiot down the death toll could have matched or exceeded the mall shooting. They tried to pass a law a while back that said if you prevent someone from carrying a weapon in your establishment (the mall shooting was in an open carry state) then you are responsible for the people. The mall had a sign that said no concealed weapons. They made a decision that caused 8 people their lives. Criminals and idiots dont follow signs, laws or any other rules so basically that sign was an open invitation to criminals to make that happen. I hope the malls management is taken to court and the families sue the piss out of them. I further hope they win and create a president so when some establishment says folks cant defend them selves we will be held responsible when they are killed.

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