Saturday, December 8, 2007

Illegals and Arizonas sanction laws

Come January 1st any employer in Arizona caught with an illegal on their payroll will get heavy fines so companies are making sure that all there employees have all their paperwork in order. This has caused financial impact to many businesses in Arizona. My opinion is you soiled your bed now lay in it. I am a bit mixed. On one hand I say round em up and ship em out on the other hand I am not so sure it is a good idea to create criminals until that happens. You have a group of people who no matter what anyone says have a complete disregard for law and process. You can say they are good people and that may be true. There are allot of good people who are in jail and guilty. They bypassed the legal way to do things. they disregard the law and enter this country illegally. I will not go as far as some and say they are stealing American jobs they do feel a need, Dont believe me? go pick lettuce for minimum wage (no you wouldn't). 2 years ago my car was broken in to by an illegal. They caught him processed him and released him. He did not come to court, the judge ordered restitution and issued a warrant. They caught him again and released him I am out $900 and don't plan on ever seeing it. I think we need to do something to ship the population of illegals out and start with the riff raff who are out breaking in to cars and stealing or any other crime. If you re illegal and break another law poof right out. My issue with the sanctions law is that the illegals who are working are now unemployed and will have to make money another way and what better way than crime. So we need to fix the first epidemic without creating a new one. At the same time I do not have sympathy for all these business owners who are going under because of the law. If you build your house in a forest and lose it in a forest fire you asked for it, If you live in a flood plane or river bed and your house washes away you asked for it. If you live near any large body of water and sit below sea level and your house is destroyed by a flood you asked for it. In you live in tornado alley and your 5th trailer gets destroyed by a tornado (seriously your house is on wheels move) you asked for it. This is the same as these business owners. You built your business on something that contains the word illegal you asked for it. You cant complain when your business is built around the exploitation of illegals. On top of this if you are a business owner who is only willing to follow the law under threat of fine than I don't want to do business with you anyway. I think I will start a list every time I hear a business owner whine I will boycott them. If your business is worth it you will pay a few bucks more and be ok.

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