Tuesday, December 11, 2007

James for president 2016

My Personal stances and explanation where needed

Iraq War:For
Yes we had to get rid of sadam, no there was no wmd's, yes it is about oil and if you wanna see our economy crash remove oil from it. Weather you like it or not in America oil makes the world go round. This may not be the case in the future but it is now so suck it up we need oil or nothing happens.

Abortion: Against
Once the heart starts stopping another human stopping it is murder. Abortion is not a valid method of birth control.

ACLU: Against

Affirmative Action: Against

Walmart: For

Gay Marriage: For
Divorce rates are un-real and marriage is a government institution. I think if a church wants to say no to gay marriage I support that. But in a world where people get married for taxes, citizenship and other legal reasons, and in a country where the government can say yay or nay on a marriage it is no longer a religious institution. There are two parts of marriage the legal and the church. I think if the church wants to say nay fine but the legal half should be ok.

Gun Laws: Against
Laws only keep honest people honest. Gun laws prevent law abiding citizens from having guns, criminals don't care. In a world where only the bad guys have guns is a bad world.

Holocaust: Happened

Cuba: Get Over it
If we can trade with Iran and China we can trade with Cuba, the cold war is over get over it.

UN: Against

PETA: Against

Education: For
I think if we ripped the money away from the war on drugs and dumped it in to education we wouldn't need a war on drugs.

Guantanimo Bay: For

Flat Tax: For

Universal Health Care: For

Illegals: Against.
I think we need to do two things. Make the correct path easier and deny citizenship to those who bypass it. We also need to help Mexico improve from being a 3rd world nation this would prevent the flood in the first place.

AIDS: Mixed
Again if money was spent on education in general this wouldn't be as big of a problem. I think we need to force the hands of drug companies to truly work on a cure. There is no money in a cure but there is billions in research and treatment. I wonder how many cures have been buried to allow this cash cow to remain.

Stem Cell Research: Mixed
Back to the abortion topic if a heart starts and a human stops it it is murder. If however the progression doesn't reach that point (not by preventing it) then its OK. If they can get stem cells prior to that point what is the difference between a guy releasing in to a sock and that.. A Monty Python skit comes to mind..

I am sure there is more feel free to ask...

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