Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Mexican Martin Luther King

So today a gentleman named Raza is leading a civil rights march for Mexicans. Do Mexicans deserve American rights? I am not talking about Hispanics or people who were born here or went through proper channels to get here those are Americans, Americans all have the same rights but those rights are for those who are legal to be here. If you are here without proper entry or on an expired visa you don't get rights. If you are Mexican, Haitian, French, Cuban, German WHATEVER you get the rights afforded to you in your country not here. This Raza guy thinks he is a Martin Luther King of sorts. Seriously is that the path to citizenship you want? The Civil rights marches of the past which gave blacks the rights they have now were for rights they deserve because they were American. They had a rough road and their ancestors didn't necessarily want to come to this country but through Slavery they definitely earned their place. Ok so we can use that as a path to citizenship. Lets hunt down some slave accounts, these of course wont be 100% accurate as literacy was discouraged among slaves. So we shall find the worst accounts and double their severity for accuracy. You want in your family can endure that path for a few hundred years then you can march. There is a path,If you think its broken fix it but don't bypass it. Some general rules learn basic civics, speak English. I would imagine this is appropriate for all countries. If I wanted to be a German citizen I should probably speak German regardless of the fact most of them speak English. A good chunk of the world speaks some form of English as a second language but you should be able to speak the native language of the land you live in.

There is no racism, no racial profiling. Your American or your not. Your legal or your not. I think that police should ask everyone red yellow black or white if they belong here. I also think if you stand out on a public right of way with a sign that says "I am Illegal" that is probable cause for the police to stop and have a chat. I think there should be two paths to citizenship.

1. Serve in the military for 2 years and learn the above mentioned basics.
2. If those in the front of the line trying to do it the right way wish they can be bumped up to come in and do the jobs that are opening up by removing the illegals. I am for swapping. Lets kick out 300,000 at a shot and let 300,000 in from the legal route.

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