Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The system doesnt work as designed

The system doesn't work because the system has been thrown off the train. We should dismantle the congress and senate and do away with the governor and president. Not only would this stream line the process to the way it currently works , it would also save the government a ton of money. With this employer sanction law and many other immigration centric laws in the past and with issues on other topics this is the flow: Senate/Congress pass law, stickey laws are left to the people, the people vote to approve often in a resounding majority, law is passed and slated to go in to affect, groups who lost the vote take the law to court and it is done away with by a judge. So lets save a few steps. We fill a small room with guys who create laws and then pass them to a judge to approve or deny. No people as there opinions don't matter. No Governor/President no red tape just the two steps all laws seem to need. Creation, Judges decision. Just because there ase 10 million illegals here doesn't make it ok to be an illegal. There are millions of murders in our country too, do we say screw it there going to happen anyway and make it legal?

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