Friday, December 7, 2007

whats wrong with america

You may quote me :)

America is based on elections that are controlled a majority who's political views can fit on a bumper sticker.

More people will vote this year then in past years not because the candidates are better, the GOP and democrats have nothing to offer, this is like the 12th season of American Idol all the talent has dried up so this is what's left. More people will vote for 1 reason to see or stop a first.

The two top democrats are a woman and a black guy. People will turn out in record numbers to see the first black or female president or to prevent it. These people aren't voting for or against the candidates views, they probably have no idea that Obama is really white with make-up or that Hillary is a closer Republican just that they think one is black and one is female(also debatable).

So go out rock the vote and read dammit, know what your voting for. Sadly I usually lean conservative but will likely vote for Obama as the only thing he has lied about is being black.

Well we will see how the primaries go as I am against political parties (another rant later) I am an independent(not the party however that works) I tried to register as an American but apparently that's not OK.... regardless I cant vote in the primaries only real elections....

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