Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Gas prices are down.....

When you see the whacked out body builders breaking 12 layers of bricks this isn't their first day. In fact if you went to a stack of bricks and came down on it with all your weight you would break whatever appendage you decided to sacrifice. To learn the secret you need to watch how some asian kick boxers train. You will see them taking their legs to bamboo over and over. The purpose is to actually fracture the bone. small fractures will heal over and create a calcium layer. You do this like a billion (exaggerated) times untill your bones harden in to basically a rock. Ok the title said gas prices whats this brick breaking crap all about? The oil company is doing the same thing. We went from a 1.29 to like 2.20, everyone was up in arms so the oil guys drop the price to 1.99 and the people rejoice. A little time passes and they push the prices to 2.80 people are up in arms. the gas prices drop to 2.50 and the people are happy. Recently 3.09 and now down to 2.89. people are so predictable.... I may seem like an idiot but I watch and forecasters predict an oil crash. The oil guys predict this crash so their goal is to squeeze as much money out of the people in the shortest time prior to this crash. The oil execs probably have very little tied up in company stock, in fact in preparation they are probably putting their cash in corn. Here is my prediction of events within 2 years.

- Gas prices will top $5/gal
- this price point will cause major losses in consumption.
- the oil industry crashes
- the government takes over the broken oil industry
- The new federalized oil industry gets gas back at around $1.50/gal
- Who ever is president will get and take full credit for fixing the broken oil industry
- This will happen weather dem or gop and the credit will be undeserved as it was going to happen.
- Whoever the president is will get 4 more years.

Lets watch and see.....

Thursday, January 3, 2008

You Racist

The sad desperate plea of a loosing cause. If I want to bring you down I dont need any facts or truth I just need to push certain buttons. I can say John likes to kick small animals. Paul was laughing at the dog fights so he supports organized animal abuse. Currently we sit on day 3 of Arizona's new employer sanctions act and for the last 3 days I have seen Arizonans made out to be clans men. The Business community say's this is a shotgun approach to fixing a problem, I say have you ever taken down an elephant with a BB gun? My general thought is if you shoot a shotgun at an elephant it will likely get pissed off and kill you but you get a whole bunch of people shooting a shotgun at an elephant it will be scared off. The people who support the illegal presence in our country do not have a valid argument so they resort to calling names. In a politically correct world no one wants to be seen as a racist so that is a good word. They want to make this a race war. Guess what ITS NOT. The majority of illegals in our state are Mexican because we are a border state. I am sure there are allot of Canadians in northern states. If your white yellow black brown purple and don't have papers GO HOME! The next argument is we have been here 15 years where should we go home to? Well you should have thought of the consequences before committing the crime if you are the children of someone who committed the crime well maybe you should jump on your parents. You do not belong here. OK but lets offer a path to citizenship. Heres a path GO HOME FOLLOW THE RULES! but they have already been here for x years. Well just because a murder was committed 10 years ago we don't forget it happened! OK OK apples and oranges illegal immigration isn't murder and most crimes have a statute of limitations. Ok so what is the statute of limitations for the crime of being in the US illegally. 1,2,5,10 years? Awesome. we will take the small number. 1 year from the last day the crime was committed, note still here still committing the crime, we will not prosecute and you can get in line and go the legal route after the 1 year term. Seriously people say going the legal route is to slow. Well maybe if so many weren't poring over illegally we could raise the entrance quota. The steps to fixing the immigration issue is secure the border with military and a 5 mile buffer zone. then deport, deport, deport, once we get a handle on it and clear out the illegal population we start funneling in the folks in line who will fill the vacuum created by the deportation.